Matrix Healing

I offer a specialized form of healing for both one’s consciousness and one’s body which I call Matrix Healing. Matrix Healing works with one’s total self: mind, heart, body, soul and spirit. This work is a highly evolved method of healing and is my own creation and specialization. This work can be done in-person or over the phone.

Our Matrix
Our matrix is the foundational structure in our consciousness from which we form our way of being in our human existence. It serves as the basis for most of our human behavior and all of our physiological functioning. It is all the patterning, programming and accumulated forces in our consciousness that govern both our personal self-expression and the state of our physical body. It is energetic in form and as a structure of energy, it is infused through the mental, emotional, physical, etheric and spiritual dimensions of our human beingness. It is comprised of our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and memories. It retains our mental and emotional wounds, traumas and triumphs. It includes our inherent light and love and all the attributes, capacities, qualities and characteristics of our individuated beingness whether natural or acquired. It runs off of our personal will. As an embodied soul, our individuated consciousness sits in the structure and environment of our matrix. It is the medium from which we relate to and interact with existence itself, the filter or lens through which we interact with both the external world and our own selves.

Matrix Healing
Matrix Healing is the process of clearing the patterning, programming, and forces in one’s matrix that are not of one’s true nature. It is the process of creating or restoring the patterning, programming, and forces that are of one’s true nature. It is bringing one’s matrix into its most positive and empowered state. In essence, Matrix Healing is a process of resetting the matrix. Resetting the matrix affects both one’s psychological existence and physiological existence. When set correctly, one’s matrix supports the expression of one’s creative capacity and potential; it supports the fulfillment of one’s evolutionary path and purpose; and it supports physical wellbeing.

Matrix Healing can be done because our matrix is just energetic patterning, programming, and forces. Energy is malleable, patterning and programming are correctable, and forces can be changed. Matrix healing is done by drawing on a particular Healing Force or Healing Vibration of Source. I call this Force the God Vibration because it emanates from Source itself. This Force is present as a pulsation within the matrix of creation and is the vibration of the pure, sacred and divine nature of consciousness itself. In the Matrix Healing Work, this Force is directed to the recipient's matrix in which it acts as a purifying, cleansing, corrective and creative agent within the recipient’s matrix as a whole. 

For me to do the Matrix Healing Work I move into conscious oneness with both the Healing Force and the recipient’s matrix dynamic. I also move into oneness with the recipient’s soul level of consciousness. In this oneness, I enlist the power of the Healing Force. In this oneness, the recipient’s matrix and the Healing Force are unified. In this unification, the Healing Force naturally reverberates through the recipient’s matrix and it is through this reverberation that the healing happens. This is the healing power of vibration and Matrix Healing is purely vibrational in nature.

During the session, I help the recipient focus purely into his or her own matrix dynamic in order to experience the work that is happening there. The process requires the conscious participation of the recipient as he or she is called upon to accept the healing and to make conscious choices in alignment with the action that is happening.

The above is a brief description of the Matrix Healing Work. A full description of the work can be found on the Matrix Healing Page on my website. For this complete description click Here Matrix Healing. Or to just contact me about doing this work click Here Contact.

© 2018 Gary Altrichter

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