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This is consciousness work designed specifically for those persons who are practicing conscious leadership. A conscious leader is a person in a position of authority who is consciously working from the best within himself or herself for the greater good and wellbeing of our human community. Conscious leadership is practiced from the highest levels of human consciousness, the pure wisdom of the heart and spirit, and the guidance of universal intelligence. The objective of conscious leadership is to promote collective healing, positive change and evolutionary growth in a target population. Conscious leadership is ultimately about supporting the evolution of our human species and promoting a positive human future. It is activism in its most evolved and sacred expression.

Conscious leaders are driven to be as effective in their work as possible. This is where what I offer comes in. What I do is help such leaders do the work within their own consciousness that makes them as effective as possible in their leadership role. The work is to support the fullest possible realization of their skills, talents, gifts and potentials. Offering this work is not an assessment of a leader’s capability for the leadership work or a measure of the leader’s level of consciousness. All conscious leaders are in the process of evolving both in their work and their personal lives and I am simply offering support for this process. All of us on this path of service can choose to take advantage of this kind of support as we move ever more deeply into our work.

This can be profoundly effective work within your own consciousness. During a work session I help you work with yourself in a highly conscious state, in the absolute reality of your own consciousness, and in your full capacity for doing whatever work within your consciousness is necessary to elevate the leadership work you do. Below are some examples of what this work can address:

·        Strengthening your capacity to draw on your own inner wisdom and power in order to have the greatest possible effect in the population your work is directed toward.
·        Deepening your understanding of how healing, change and growth actually happen in human consciousness. This includes deeply exploring the nature of human consciousness and expanding your clarity about what is really going on in our world and how that fits into the process of your work.
·        Working with how to maintain your center in the challenges and stress of your work.
·        Working with any professional issue that is blocking your effectiveness or preventing you from performing your desired service. This can include your working relationships with your co-workers, your community of service, other leaders and activists, institutions, and the government.
·        Working to clear any personal issues that are inhibiting your effectiveness; issues such as unresolved fears and doubts or old wounds and traumas. This includes making sure your life path and purpose and your professional work are in perfect alignment.
·        Working with fully incorporating into your work the universal elements of light, love, truth, oneness, harmony, unity and balance. And at a higher level working with fully integrating the elements of soul, spirit, sacredness and Source into your work.
·        Using your work as a means of your own conscious awakening, personal empowerment, self-realization and evolution of consciousness. This includes using your work for the realization of your unique gifts, potentials and creative capacity.

To be clear, this is not conceptual strategic work. It is personal inner work designed to enhance the power and capacity of your own consciousness. Each of the above possibilities are worked with in the inner dimensions of your consciousness. The work can take place in any dimension of your consciousness including your mental self, your emotional self, your physical body or basic self, your heart center, what you would call your soul which is your essential beingness, and your spirit which is the animating force of your life. In the work I help you reach into the depth and expanse of your consciousness where obstacles can be clearly recognized and corrected, your wisdom and power can be fully accessed, and any necessary healing, change and growth can happen. The work flows from your own innate intelligence in conjunction with the universal intelligence and unfolds through your power of will and choice. Doing this kind of work is important because your authority comes from being the best possible living example of the consciousness you are promoting.

I am not an activist or teacher in the public domain. My gift is facilitating individual awakening, healing and empowerment. I do the conscious leadership work because it is through providing this work with individual leaders that I am able to indirectly reach out and contribute to raising the level of human consciousness.

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