Sacred-Self Realization

What I offer is a highly evolved process of working within your own consciousness to accomplish the realization of your sacred-self. Your sacred-self is the living expression of the pure essence of your spirit. It is the embodiment of the inherent light, love, truth and creative power that resides within your essential beingness. It is all the natural attributes, qualities, characteristics and capacities of your true, unique and divine nature. This work is a highly focused process that helps you move through the experiences of conscious-awakening, inner-healing and personal-empowerment. It’s a process in which I help you work with yourself in a highly conscious state, in the absolute reality of your own being, and in your full capacity for accomplishing the realization that you are here to accomplish.

What distinguishes my work is my ability to take people into the depth and expanse of their consciousness and help them in that depth and expanse to consciously connect with their true nature and free up their true self and then bring that into realization in their human life. The work takes place in the totality of yourself which includes your mental self, your emotional self, your heart-center, your physical body or basic self, what you would call your soul which is your essential beingness, and your spirit which is the animating force of your life. The work flows from your own innate intelligence with the assistance of the universal intelligence. It is conducted and accomplished through the power of presence and the exercise of conscious choice.
Sessions are conducted as self-contained and complete awakening and healing modules in which you attain not just an experience of but an actual shift into a more awakened and healed state. The specific work can arise from a specific desire or a life-issue or just what is moving in you in the moment. The work is not based on any spiritual or psychological discipline or modality; it is based purely on the nature of consciousness itself and the unique nature of your own consciousness. In general, the work is a process of discovery and correction, a process of cleansing and creating. It's working to clear away that in your consciousness which is not reflective of who you are in essence and to manifest that which you truly are. Typically, what results from this work is increased awareness about your true nature, greater clarity about your true purpose in life, a greater capacity for making choices in alignment with your true self, and greater actualization of your unique gifts, potentials and creative capacity including your sacred and divine nature.

This kind of inner work is a rarity in the human community. It is life changing work. Anyone can benefit from this work.

The above is a brief description of the Consciousness Work I do with individuals. For a more complete description visit my website: click Here Consciousness Work. To just contact me about doing this work click Here Contact.

© 2018 Gary Altrichter

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