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This is a blog that is dedicated to helping people with the processes of conscious-awakening, inner-healing, personal-empowerment, self-realization and the evolution of consciousness. These are all big topics and each blog post addresses some small aspect of one of these processes. Taken all together they form a mosaic revealing the bigger nature of consciousness itself.

For over three decades I have had a private consciousness work practice through which I have helped people work with these processes of consciousness. During this same period, I have intensely worked on these processes within my own self. What I post here is drawn from these experiences. What you won’t find in this blog is a compendium of spiritual principles to live by. What you will find are consciousness-based actions you can take to do the work in yourself that can lead to a highly awakened state and the personal power necessary to create the life and self you want. My hope is that you won't just read through these posts but instead actually use the material for your own evolutionary gain.

The evolution of our consciousness has always been a challenge given the nature and complexity of human existence, but as we enter into an era of social, political and environmental destabilization and disintegration this process takes on new challenges. This instability makes the evolution of our consciousness more important than ever. The times we are in demand that we awaken into the best expression of ourselves, not just for our own fulfillment, but to be able to meet and work with the changes and challenges taking place in our human civilization and our planetary home. This awakening is what I want to help with through these blog posts. 

At times this blog addresses the current and coming changes for our human civilization, their true causes, and how we need to be with what is happening and what is ahead. The game has changed and our way of being since the inception of our species as homo sapiens will no longer work. Mother Earth can no longer support an unconscious human species and the rebalancing is underway. We are being called to wake up or perish. Our personal lives can no longer be just about creating our own positive future; they also have to be about creating a positive future for humanity itself. What is needed is a collective awakening but what is imminently important is awakened individuals who can help guide the rest of the human community into conscious living. The posts in this blog provide a foundation for such an effort. Every post in this blog can in some way support the evolution of your own consciousness and the process of living consciously.

I create my posts from the highest level of consciousness I can currently obtain. They are created from the perspective that if we don’t know what is really going on, either in ourselves or in our civilization, we can’t make the necessary changes. I call this blog Gary's View as a means of owning what I present here and also to convey the more expanded level of consciousness from which I view the nature of existence and the human condition.

I am always interested in hearing about what I can present here that can help you the most. Leave a comment at the bottom of this page. 

Gary Altrichter

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