Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Movement Within

If you are working on being more consciously awake and are striving to live according to your true nature, there is a directive force within you that is the prime mover for this evolutionary pursuit. This is the movement within and this directive force is vitally important to the success of your endeavor.

This movement within becomes present and active in your human self when as a soul you have chosen to use your human incarnation as a vehicle for the evolutionary awakening and realization of certain aspects of your essential nature. Unless as a soul you have made this evolutionary choice, this inner movement is not present. If you have, then the awakening and realization of these aspects become your life’s path and purpose. This soul-created movement at once incorporates the essence of that which is to be awakened and realized; the intelligence, wisdom, and guidance needed for how this can be done; and the creative power needed to bring these aspects into manifestation. This inner movement is there to become the outer movement of your life.

When you feel a strong sense of purpose or are strongly moved to do something that you feel will bring more meaning into your life, that experience is emanating from the movement within. What you are feeling is your soul’s desire. This inner movement is designed to be the driving force of your life. Whether it drives you through the subconscious level of your psyche or you engage with it from your conscious self is up to you. The more you consciously work with the movement within, the greater your potential for radical life fulfillment. I am writing about this inner movement because the practice of consciously working with this directive force is a rarity. What follows describes how you can do this conscious work.

Since this inner movement originates from the very soul of your being, it is subtle in nature. But its subtlety notwithstanding, it is always present and available. Being consciously aware of and connected with this inner force arises from your intention and desire to be one with this force as a felt presence. The directive force resides in your inner self, not your intellect, and you find it and connect with it through focused inner attention. In this focused attention, it is experienced as a visceral sensation somewhere in your felt awareness. It may also have a visual presence in your inner vision. You might locate it in your heart-center or gut or elsewhere in your internal landscape. Subtle though it may be, when connected with it, it has a commanding vibrational presence and an energetic quality of insistence. It is uplifting and exalted nature, and this is how you recognize it. The intimacy of this connection is cultivated over time.

The direction you get is mainly intuitive and feeling based, but you may literally hear it speaking to you inwardly. The direction will translate into thought, but it is the inner feeling you move from. Each choice or action you take while following its direction furthers the fulfillment of what you are here to experience and express. The inner movement is there to lead you into the outer actualization of some gift, potential, attribute or capacity of your essential beingness. It might lead you into some creative expression or service. It might lead you into a state of being or a way of being or some profound knowingness or healing. It might lead you into the manifestation of your light or love or abundance or personal power. The direction might be for something to do in the moment or the rest of your life. Whatever the direction, it is grounded in your true nature.

In this conscious connection, you are faced with a choice. Even if you know that this force is there for the greater good of your own being, you still have to choose whether or not to let this movement be the governing force in your life. You may experience its direction being in conflict with other personal desires and you have to rectify this conflict. The practice is to turn yourself over to this force and allow it to direct your choices and actions. This is what it is there for: to direct your choices and actions. Giving over to this force is the practice of conscious evolution. Giving it authority to guide your life is a way of being.

The course of your life is meant to flow from this directive force and this is why it is so important to consciously work with the movement within. The more consciously present you are with the inner movement, the more effective it is at orchestrating events in your life that support the unfolding of your evolutionary process. It guides you down the path of perpetual self-discovery and conscious awakening. At times where the inner movement takes you may be uncomfortable, scary or confusing, but there is a transcendent wisdom in this directive force that you know to trust. Its direction cannot be wrong for you.

The directive force is always present but taking advantage of it for your evolutionary progress requires frequent conscious connection. If you are not consciously connected with it at this moment, stop and do so. Why would you not? You have placed it there from your own eternal desire for your evolutionary awakening and realization. Know with certainty that it is waiting for you at this moment. Set your intention and focus within. Be patient if necessary but trust what you feel. Identify the location and the energetic quality of the movement within. Open your intuition to its directive capacity and ask for its guidance. Trust what you receive. Take your time with this if you need to. What direction is it giving you now? Feel this as your soul’s desire and your evolutionary task. This is the choice point: what is left is to discover what you are going to do next.

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